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Jewelry workshop

1. Design
In the design department are born ideas for future jewelry. All items Leo Totti - are a reflection of your own unique style of the brand. Special features of this style, as mentioned earlier - is the inspiration in nature, the combination of miniatures and matte and shiny metal surface. After careful design idea comes to life in the figure, which was later destined to become a decoration. Leo Totti Products manufactured exclusively from materials of the highest quality: white, yellow, pink gold, diamonds of different carat, emeralds, rubies, amethysts, sapphires, and other precious stones. Leo Totti is different from other jewelry brands that all elements of the product are carried out manually, as complicated design miniatures involves only manual work and make sure the highest level of craftsmanship.
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2. Modelling in wax
First, sculptors Leo Totti performed a wax model of jewelry, and as soon as it turns completely identical pattern version model is made of silver. This model, in turn, is processed and brought to perfection.

3. From wax into gold
According to the model of the silver produced rubber form which will be further molded wax patterns identical. These wax models pass another treatment, and only after that of them make wax "tree" that by "casting wax displacement" will turn into gold.

4. Metals bank
Wax "tree" is transferred to the "Metals Bank", that is the main repository of noble materials, from where raw materials distributed. The principle of operation of "Bank metals" can be compared to the operation of conventional banks in which there is a clear account of the parish, flow and fund balances.

5. Burning
Cast gold product goes to the jewelers for further processing, which includes cleaning, adjustment, soldering and polishing. It also involves firing products, which means the completion of the main stages of work on metal.

6. Selection of stones
Further, the product enters the gemological laboratory responsible for the selection of the necessary stones for a variety, quality, size, color and weight. At this stage of the process, is important not only the meter readings, but visual acuity, precision and a steady hand.

7. Mandrel
Matched gems placed in the slot provided in accordance with product design, customize and fix. At the end of the mandrel, the quality of the stones fixing checked.

8. Finishing
Finishing includes the following steps:  • Hand-polished outer and inner surfaces of the product, including the most remote places, which is an indication of high quality jewelry.  • Sandblasting for matte metal surface. Under high pressure fine corundum sand is sprayed onto the metal surface. Those parts of the product, which should remain bright, pre-coated with a protective varnish. Then paint washed off, and turns typical of Leo Totti combination of shiny and matt surfaces.  • Bath with a solution of rhodium for white gold and gold bath with a solution of 750 probe for products from yellow gold to intensify the color.  • At the end, the radiance of the product amplified by a special hand polishing

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